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Extreme Red Phase Albino Western Hognose Snakes
( Heterodon nasicus nasicus )

A relatively new color phase of the Albino Western Hognose is the Extreme Red Phase. This super- intensified color phase was initially produced by breeding a very out-crossed BHB Albino animal to an extremely Red normal Heterodon nasicus gloydi female selected and owned by Regis Opferman. 100% hets were produced and crossed back together to make this outstanding color phase. Images shown are of our Extreme Red Phase Albino male, a Red Phase 100% het. female and a 100% het. male.

Hypomelanistic Western Hognose Snakes
( Heterodon nasicus nasicus )

Hypomelanistic Western Hognose snakes are still quite rare in collections. Specimens of this morph have greatly reduced melanin which intensifies the remaining red pigmentation. Some have been described as a new form of the albino morph. We have been out-crossing our 100% het Hypomelanistic male to high red normal females while we wait for our Hypo female to reach breeding size. The possible het babies are some of the best looking Western Hognose snakes we have produced to date.

Red Western Hognose Snakes
( Heterodon nasicus nasicus )

We purchased this Red Phase Western Hognose from Richard Evans in August of 2006. An incredible animal!! We are already brewing up breeding strategies for this bad boy.


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